Resolume 6 Tutorial: Animate 3D Text

This Resolume tutorial shows you how to create 3D text in Arena and Avenue 6 using built-in sources and effects. By using the Text Animator source along with Linear Cloner effect, you can add additional depth to your existing text for use in your events, projects, and performances. We explain how the various Text Animator parameters work so you have a better understanding of how to use them to make text animate dynamically and loop endlessly.

The text clips created in this tutorial are available as a Resolume 6 composition, free to download:
↓ Download the custom 3D Text Clips (Composition) in this tutorial:

The font used in this tutorial is available on
Dock11 at

Resolume 6 Tutorial: New Workflow Features

This Resolume Arena & Avenue 6 tutorial brings you up to speed with some of the most useful new features of this latest and greatest version of Resolume. Aside from the speed and performance improvements, you will learn how to customize the interface, use layer mask mode, create custom thumbnails, make use of the improved effects interface, animate with envelopes, utilize persistent clips, use fader start to trigger clips, display FFT gain directly on the interface, create smarter shortcuts, and learn about some other small interface tweaks to make you a more efficient VJ.

Resolume Tutorial: Remix Content with Alpha Channels

All things alpha channels are explained in this tutorial for Resolume Arena 4 & 5, and Avenue 4. You will learn how content with alpha channels work, along with some of the advantages of using single element loops such as shapes. Techniques to create variations from your existing alpha content are explained, specifically shapes and formations using the Kaleidoscope and Iterate effects.

This tutorial also goes step-by-step to show you ways to create versatile backgrounds using a mix of Transform properties and various effects such as VideoWall and Mirror. Backgrounds that are easily customizable and can further extend the use of your existing content.

The methods outlined allow you to add remixed content to your collection easily using the power of Resolume. Some of these techniques work well with non-alpha content so be sure to try them out to get the most out of your library.

→ View Shapeshifters for 50 looping shapes with alpha channel

Resolume Tutorial: Tips & Tricks

In this Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5, and Avenue 4 the DocOptic team demonstrates several quick tips and tricks to help improve your workflow and enhance your live visuals and VJ sets. The following tips & tricks are covered: distributing effects stacks, how to quickly remove black backgrounds, quick access to dashboard controls by using presets, using math to change the values of parameters, loading your content packs and visual sets from compositions, how to make a simple glow effect, and creating quick masks from colored content.

These are techniques that we use on a consistent basis and hope they will help you to become more efficient with Resolume.

Resolume Tutorial: Mask Overlay Technique

This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 shows you a technique to display a mask overlay (also known as track matte) that both displays visuals within the mask and sits above all layers below it in the layer hierarchy.

The technique involves creating an alpha channel from black & white visuals to mask out footage. The resulting masked footage is then set up as a layer router which is then routed to another layer that is overlaid on top of a background visual. In software such as Adobe After Effects this is referred to as a track matte.

→ View original post about this technique on the Resolume forum
→ Visit subpixel’s website

Music in this tutorial by:
Astronauts by Night

Resolume Tutorial: Resgen Generative Visuals Overview

Resgen is a set of realtime, generative visuals created by the DocOptic team using only Resolume (Arena 4 & 5, Avenue 4) built-in sources and effects. This overview/tutorial goes over the various features and generative visuals included in the set. Also covered are some tips and techniques when using generative visuals in Resolume including creating new visuals based on Resgen clips, using and altering dashboard controls, blending layers using alpha channels, linking parameters to BPM, and a preview of the audio reactive clips included in the set.

This video explores the flexibility and customization of generative visuals inside of Resolume without the need for third-party software or plug-ins.

→ View Resgen Generative Visuals in the DocOptic Shop

Music in this tutorial by:
Mr. Carmack

Resolume Tutorial: Dynamic Effect Clips

This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 goes in depth about the inner workings of Effect Clips: how you can use them dynamically and expressively, how they affect your visuals according to layer order, what the two Effect Clips settings do, how to stack effects like presets to recall different looks, and various tips & techniques to trigger them in a live setting.

↓ Download the custom Effect Clips (Composition) in this tutorial

Music in this tutorial by:
Optic and 00Genesis.

Resolume Tutorial: Expressive Live Triggering

This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 will show you how to create an improvisational, expressive, live visual performance using one-shot visuals and piano mode effects. One-shots are short clips or loops that can be triggered on the fly as quick visual hits or bursts.

You will learn how to setup your composition for this performance style, map visuals to your computer keyboard or MIDI controller, and use Piano mode to toggle multiple effects on the fly along with your visuals.

The following one-shot visual loops are ready-made for Resolume and can be triggered using the techniques outlined in this tutorial:

→ Geoburst (Set of 20 Premium Visuals)
→ Geoboom (Free Set of 3 One-shot Visuals)

Intro music by Joob.

Resolume Tutorial: Video Masks

This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 explains how to use animated video masks to create interesting new looks that can add a dynamic feel to your visuals.

You will learn how to use the 50 Mask and Multiply blend modes to turn black & white and color visuals into video masks. Also covered are several effects that can change the look of your masks to get even more use out them and using still images/logos as masks.

The following Black & White visuals are ready-made for Resolume and work as video masks using the techniques outlined in this tutorial:

→ Monomatic One (Set of 20 Premium Visuals)
→ Negated (Free Set of 5 Black & White Visuals)

Resolume Tutorial: Cue Points & Auto Pilot

This tutorial explains how the Cue Point and Auto Pilot features work in Resolume Avenue 4 and Arena 4 & 5.

You will learn how to set Cue Points, create keyboard or MIDI shortcuts to trigger Cue Points, and gain an understanding of how the interface works. Also covered is how to activate Auto Pilot mode to automate your live visual mix, the various Auto Pilot settings, and examples of how Auto Pilot works with layers and individual clips.