For all support inquiries please e-mail us at

My download links have expired, how do I re-download my purchased files?
If you registered an account during checkout click on “My Account” from the menu and log in. Your purchase history is listed where you can click on “View Details and Downloads” to access links to download your purchased files. If you did not create an account at time of purchase, contact us at the email address above and we’ll help you get set up.

My VJ software is not loading my HAP or DXV encoded visuals, how can I fix this?
You most likely do not have the proper codec installed or it could be outdated. A video codec is required for you to be able to view the files you’ve downloaded in not only your preferred VJ software, but in any media player on your operating system. Below are the links to the download required codecs.

→ DXV Codec Download
→ HAP Codec Download

What resolution should I download?
Our files are prepared using the software developer’s recommended formats. However, performance may vary depending on your computer hardware. If you are using a recent (2015-2017) high end laptop or desktop with a capable GPU, 1080p should be fine. If you have older hardware, we suggest downloading 720p versions or converting files to a format and resolution suitable for your hardware by choosing the 1080p Photo JPEG option.

Hard drive speed is also a factor that can increase performance, especially for 1080p clips. We have found that streaming clips from an SSD drive produces great results. Unless your external hard drive is extremely fast, it is recommended to playback clips from an internal drive.

To test what might work best for your hardware, download and experiment with one of our Freebies.

Below are support links to the respective software developers we tailor our videos for.

→ Serato Video Support/FAQ
→ Resolume Support/FAQ
→ VDMX Support/Forums
→ MixEmergency Support
→ CoGe Support Forum

What is the best codec to use for my visuals/VJ software?
For Resolume you will get the best performance using the DXV codec. For GrandVJ, VDMX, MixEmergency, Modul8, and CoGe we recommend using the HAP codec. This is because the above mentioned software have built-in codec support that takes advantage of GPU acceleration meaning better performance and less stress on the CPU. If hard drive space is an issue, H.264 files are the smallest but also require extra computing power. If you plan to edit content with post-production software we recommend the Photo JPEG encoded files.

→ DXV Codec Download
→ HAP Codec Download

What if I need resolutions smaller than 720p?
We recommend downloading Photo JPEG versions if you need smaller sizes. These are the highest quality versions we provide, and are perfect for converting to formats and resolutions of your choice.

Do you support live visual performance software other than the ones listed?
Yes, which is why we’ve created 1080p Photo JPEG versions of all our visuals. Download that format to use in whatever software you own or use it to convert to whatever format you need.

Are your clips royalty free?
Yup! 100% royalty free. Once you purchase clips, they’re yours to do what you want. However, they are not for resale in any way, even with modification.

Can I re-download purchased items?
Yes. Your purchase history is stored on your account or the e-mail address you used for checkout. It is recommended to register an account with us during the checkout process to allow for easy access to your downloads. If you didn’t register an account at the time of purchase, you can register an account with the same e-mail address you used to make a purchase.

What is your refund/replacement policy?
All files are sold as-is and may only be refunded or replaced if there are any defects in the file. If you purchased the wrong item, please notify us within 48 hours.

Do you accept international orders?
Yes! For credit cards, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club no matter where in the world the sale occurs. We also accept PayPal payments which converts our prices into your local currency upon checkout.