FFGL Plugins – Hive8 Cloners (macOS)

FFGL Plugins - Hive8 Cloner & Ring Cloner (Free) | DocOptic.com

Hive8 has created two plugins for OSX that allow you to clone your footage in any VJ software package that supports FFGL plugins. The first is the Hive8 Cloner. This is a basic cloner that creates multiple copies of your footage and allows you to adjust the X and Y position of clones in addition to offsetting them or distributing them in various configurations.

The second plugin is a Ring Cloner which performs the same functions as the first Hive8 Cloner but has the additional feature of rotating them in a circular formation. You can change the radius, rotation, and adjust the configuration of the clones using additional parameters. This works great with footage such as objects that have an alpha channel. Animate these paramters to create dynamic, interesting looks for your visuals.

These FFGL plugins are compatible with Resolume 4 & 5, VDMX, and other VJ software packages that support the format.

↓ Download Hive8 FFGL Cloner Plugins for macOS

FFGL Plugin – FrParameters

FFGL Plugin - FrParameters (Free) | DocOptic.com

FrParameters is an FFGL Plugin by 1210 Visuals that allows you change a clip’s parameters before or after certain effects are applied. In some cases you might want to make transformations to your clip in the effects stack to create a certain look or alter the way an effect is applied. FrParameters gives you control over when transformations occur in the effects stack. FrParameters gives you access to additional Width, Height, Scale, Position X, Position Y, Rotation X, Rotation Y, Rotation Z, Anchor X, Anchor Y, and Anchor Z parameters. This FFGL plugin is compatible with Resolume, VDMX, and other VJ software packages that support the format.

→ Visit the 1210 Visuals website for examples and Free Download for Windows & macOS

Resolume Preset FX – DocOptic Effect Clips

Resolume Custom Effect Clips Preset – 11 DocOptic FX (Free) | DocOptic

5 Audio Reactive and 6 Custom Effect Clips for Resolume Arena and Avenue 4. This preset composition contains effect clips for easy triggering. Place these effect clips above layers you’d like to affect for additional eye candy. Techinques for dynamic effect clips are covered in our tutorial Resolume: Dynamic Effect Clips.

↓ Download DocOptic Custom Effect Clips Composition for Resolume Arena 5 & Avenue 4

VDMX Plugin – Ratchet

VDMX Plugin - Ratchet (Free) | DocOptic.com

CutMod released a free VDMX plugin that allows you to modulate parameters in a “Socket Wrench” motion.

According to Cutmod: “Rising input values are added to the running total. The original idea was that the audio peak level could bump the playhead of a video clip forward in time as audio increased in amplitude without scrubbing backward with the tail of every peak.”

→ Visit the VIDVOX forums to download