Official Resolume Video Training |

The DocOptic team in collaboration with Resolume have produced the first official video training series for Resolume Avenue 6 and Resolume Arena 6. This is a virtual workshop for all skill levels that guides you through everything from composition fundamentals to show preparation and projection mapping. Not only are technical aspects of Resolume covered, but design concepts, performance planning, and audio-visual integration; ideas to help unlock your creativity as a VJ. The concepts you will learn translate to Resolume 6 users as well.

Resolume video training isn’t simply a technical video manual on every Resolume button and interface element. It’s a practical course that demonstrates the art behind the technicalities. It’s focused on creating a balanced, visually pleasing output while helping you become an efficient VJ that will be ready to take on any live situation.

User testimonial:

“For anyone considering, this training was really worth it. I just finished watching all the lessons. It was well put together and helped me understand all the things that I have not gotten to yet. From better work flows to better graphic layouts, I even got good tips on the more basic chapters!” -Don Houde (Resolume User)

General Topics Covered:

  • Resolume Basics
  • Compositing
  • Color
  • Rhythm
  • Performance
  • External Control
  • Projection Mapping

Training Features:

  • Over 2 hours of recorded training
  • 40 in-depth tutorials
  • External hardware demonstrations
  • Live projection mapping demonstrations
  • Custom interface that keeps track of your progress
  • English, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, & Chinese Subtitles/Captions
  • On-demand HD streaming accessible 24/7

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