Serato Video Tutorial: Record Video DJ Mixes with Syphon

This Serato Video tutorial demonstrates an alternate, more flexible way to record video DJ mixes from Serato Video by using Syphon technology on the Mac. We show you how to setup Syphon Recorder, a free software package to capture both audio and video output from Serato and discuss all the various settings for optimal quality.

By using Syphon to record your video mixes, you have the option of choosing various codecs and output resolutions to save video that is both post-production friendly and of higher quality.

↓ Download Syphon Recorder

Music in this tutorial by:
Vezzen and Joob

Serato Video Tutorial: Settings & Optimization

In this Serato Video tutorial we go over all of the settings in Serato Video 1.2 and talk about various ways you could tweak those settings to optimize the performance of your system. We provide a brief overview of our system specifications to help you gauge how Serato Video might run on your hardware and discuss our preferred video codec.

Visit the Serato Video support page below for answers to common questions and issues that some users may experience when using the plugin for the first time.

→ Serato Video Support

Serato Video Tutorial: Video Mixing Interface Overview

In this Serato Video tutorial we go over all of the controls in Serato Video’s video mixing interface.

Serato Video Tutorial: How To Load Visuals

In this Serato Video tutorial we show you how to load video clips along with your music tracks and some of the basic functionality of the video mixing interface inside of Serato Video.