Lumen Video Synthesizer

Lumen Video Synthesizer Mac App |

Platform(s): Mac (Requires OSX 10.8+)

What is it?
Lumen is a realtime, software video synthesizer for Mac OSX. It uses a semi-modular patch system that simulates analog video synthesis and accepts inputs from different sources such as your Mac’s camera and Syphon applications. The simple interface allows easy creation of generative visuals with limitless possibilities. Lumen can also be used to generate effects from video sources or as a standalone live visual performance tool that can output to a secondary display such as a projector.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Lumen provides endless possibilities for creating generative VJ content. The app is easy to use and supports Syphon which can display Lumen’s output inside of your favorite VJ or Video DJ software. The unique X/Y control pad allows for a fun way to improvise, with the ability to save presets (aka snapshots) which you can dynamically manipulate on the fly. Lumen is a fun way to create visuals through experimentation. Create simple shapes using the standard knobs or get deep into the patch system to create complex feedback loops and effects.

→ Download Lumen Demo or purchase from Paracosm’s website

GoVJ Mobile VJ App

GoVJ VJ App for iPad, iPhone (iOS) |

Platform(s): iOS (iPad & iPhone)

What is it?
GoVJ by Roboheadz is a universal iOS VJ app for both the iPhone and iPad. With an intuitive touch-based interface, this app gives anyone the ability to display live visuals using their iOS device. Users can load their own videos from the camera roll or copy their VJ content into the GoVJ documents folder through iTunes. Airplay your visuals wirelessly to other Apple devices or connect the Digital AV adapter to output to any HDMI or VGA display.

The intuitive touch-based interface sports a two channel mixer with various blend modes, an FX module for each channel, and support for 720p and 1080p output. There are 5 selectable decks that can hold a sizeable amount of VJ loops and clips. You can save your visual sets and loop collections as presets to load in any of the decks. Content is triggered by dragging and dropping clips to a channel slot and using the A-B fader to mix.

If you plan on using DocOptic content with GoVJ, we recommend H.264 versions of our VJ clips and loops to save space on your iOS device.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
This is a simple, mobile solution for any visual show be it large or small. The app is limited to tweaking one effect per channel, but the interactivity of the touch interface allows enough flexibility to improvise and keep visuals feeling dynamic. It’s also fitting for non-demanding shows and events that require ambiance through background visuals or marketing art. Not having to deal with a huge setup is also a plus, and using the Apple Digital AV adapter provides proper output for most situations.

→ Purchase GoVJ from the App Store
GoVJ promotional video -


Mac Utility for VJs - TestCard |

Platform(s): Mac OSX

What is it?
TestCard is a simple app for the Mac that allows you to display test patterns to an external displays such as projectors or LED walls easily. Simply enable your secondary display in the app and your chosen test image or pattern will be displayed. It features various display types: a customizable grid with shape options and transparency, SMPTE color bars, color spectrum, and even the option of using your own custom image with scaling options.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Rather than having to load up and configure your VJ software to display a test image, you can launch this utility and beam a pixel perfect image instantly. This can help you check color, contrast and distortion to ensure your display is configured prior to mapping or live output. It’s an effective way to get your displays ready for live visuals quickly.

→ Purchase TestCard from the Mac App Store

Lemur OSC Controller

Lemur OSC/MIDI Controller for iOS/Android |

Platform(s): iOS, Android (App), Mac/PC (Lemur Editor)

What is it?
Lemur is a MIDI/OSC application that turns your iPad, iPhone or Android device into a multi-touch controller for any VJ and Video DJ software capable of receiving OSC messages or MIDI. It is fully customizable and has scripting features for building even more complex interfaces and automation. Lemur supports CoreMIDI and can be used wirelessly over Wi-Fi or wired USB.

Lemur features an in-app editor (iPad only) allowing users to create custom interfaces in the device itself without touching a computer. If you don’t have an iPad, create custom interfaces using the Lemur editor, free software available on both Mac and PC. Notable features of Lemur are the ability to script custom widgets using complex shapes & animations, skins/color themes, a sequencer, and a user library on Lemur’s website with a variety of custom interface templates free to download.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Having the ability to create a custom controller without the use of hardware allows you to translate your VJing style to the controller rather than adapt to a preconfigured setup. Wi-fi allows for hands-free operation, giving you more room in your workspace. Build your interface on-the-go or in the comfort of your living space with the in-app editor. Using a multi-touch device as a controller also provides visual feedback that is sometimes lacking with a hardware setup – use text labels, highlights, color, and the various toggles in Lemur to serve as indicators and eye candy.

For the tinkerers and users wanting to get deep into the software, Lemur opens up creative possibilities with its built-in scripting. There’s a learning curve for the more advanced features but skies the limit as far as building any controller you can think of.

→ Purchase Lemur from the App Store
→ Purchase Lemur from the Google Play Store
→ Download custom VJ software templates for Lemur at the Liine website

Syphon Recorder

Mac Application for VJs - Syphon Recorder

Platform(s): Mac OSX

What is it?
Syphon Recorder is an application to record live video output from Syphon-enabled software in realtime. Syphon is a widely supported video output Mac OSX technology by various VJ and Video DJ applications such as Resolume, VDMX, MixEmergency, Serato Video, CoGe, Madmapper, GrandVJ, and more.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
By using Syphon Recorder, you can record the output of your VJ and Video DJ software to a hard drive along with any audio source from your Mac. Archive your live sets and remixed visuals using various codecs, framerates, and resolutions. Syphon recorded video is a great way to have high quality recordings of your visuals and even use them in a post-production environment.

→ Download Syphon Recorder Free from v002
MixEmergency (Tutorial): Record Video DJ Mixes with Syphon
Serato Video (Tutorial): Record Video DJ Mixes with Syphon

Duet Display

App (Mac/iOS) - Duet Display |

Platform(s): Mac, iOS (Requires OSX 10.9+ and iOS 7+)

What is it?
Duet Display is an iOS app that let’s you use your iPad or iPhone as a high performance secondary display when connected to your Mac. Your iOS device connects to your computer via its USB cable and port.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Screen real estate is a valuable resource, especially when using modular VJ software. Duet Display can turn an iPhone or iPad into an extension of your Mac’s laptop/desktop display or act as a preview/main output monitor while mixing live visuals. Duet Display is lag free, has power saving options, and performance of up to 60 frames per second.

→ Purchase Duet Display from the App Store


TouchOSC OSC/MIDI Controller for iOS, Android

Platform(s): iOS, Android (App), Mac/PC/Linux (Layout Editor)

What is it?
TouchOSC is a customizable MIDI/OSC controller for your iOS or Android device. With it, you can create a touch interface that will interact with any MIDI/OSC capable VJ or Video DJ software wirelessly over Wi-Fi or wired MIDI (using the developer’s free MIDI bridging software).

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Unlike pre-configured hardware MIDI controllers, TouchOSC is a modular, fully customizable control surface for your touch-capable device. Since it is software based, you are able to create a controller tailored to your VJ and Video DJ needs. Use your personal controller with your favorite MIDI or OSC-capable VJ software.

Some of the controls you can customize and create are faders, rotary controls, buttons, toggles, x-y pads, labels, and encoders. We’ve tested and have successfully used it with VDMX and Resolume Arena & Avenue 4.

→ Purchase TouchOSC from the App Store
→ Purchase TouchOSC from the Google Play Store
→ Download the Free Layout Editor for Mac/PC/Linux from the TouchOSC website

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Utility - Black Magic Disk Speed Test |

Platform(s): Mac

What is it?
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test is a Mac utility used to quickly measure and certify your disk performance for working with high quality video.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
The Blackmagic Disk Speed Test application for Mac is a great way to measure how your hard drives handle high definition, high resolution video. For any VJ, this is important information since many are blending and triggering multiple VJ loops and clips during their sets. With this app you can gauge the performance of your drives to get an idea if your system is up to par. Our recommendation is to use an SSD drive for some of the best performance available currently.

→ Download Blackmagic Disk Speed Test from the Mac App Store for Free