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Lemur OSC/MIDI Controller for iOS/Android | DocOptic.com

Platform(s): iOS, Android (App), Mac/PC (Lemur Editor)

What is it?
Lemur is a MIDI/OSC application that turns your iPad, iPhone or Android device into a multi-touch controller for any VJ and Video DJ software capable of receiving OSC messages or MIDI. It is fully customizable and has scripting features for building even more complex interfaces and automation. Lemur supports CoreMIDI and can be used wirelessly over Wi-Fi or wired USB.

Lemur features an in-app editor (iPad only) allowing users to create custom interfaces in the device itself without touching a computer. If you don’t have an iPad, create custom interfaces using the Lemur editor, free software available on both Mac and PC. Notable features of Lemur are the ability to script custom widgets using complex shapes & animations, skins/color themes, a sequencer, and a user library on Lemur’s website with a variety of custom interface templates free to download.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Having the ability to create a custom controller without the use of hardware allows you to translate your VJing style to the controller rather than adapt to a preconfigured setup. Wi-fi allows for hands-free operation, giving you more room in your workspace. Build your interface on-the-go or in the comfort of your living space with the in-app editor. Using a multi-touch device as a controller also provides visual feedback that is sometimes lacking with a hardware setup – use text labels, highlights, color, and the various toggles in Lemur to serve as indicators and eye candy.

For the tinkerers and users wanting to get deep into the software, Lemur opens up creative possibilities with its built-in scripting. There’s a learning curve for the more advanced features but skies the limit as far as building any controller you can think of.

→ Purchase Lemur from the App Store
→ Purchase Lemur from the Google Play Store
→ Download custom VJ software templates for Lemur at the Liine website

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