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Mac Utility for VJs - TestCard | DocOptic.com

Platform(s): Mac OSX

What is it?
TestCard is a simple app for the Mac that allows you to display test patterns to an external displays such as projectors or LED walls easily. Simply enable your secondary display in the app and your chosen test image or pattern will be displayed. It features various display types: a customizable grid with shape options and transparency, SMPTE color bars, color spectrum, and even the option of using your own custom image with scaling options.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Rather than having to load up and configure your VJ software to display a test image, you can launch this utility and beam a pixel perfect image instantly. This can help you check color, contrast and distortion to ensure your display is configured prior to mapping or live output. It’s an effective way to get your displays ready for live visuals quickly.

→ Purchase TestCard from the Mac App Store

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