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These recorded live visuals were part of a test using a “track matte” technique that was shared by Resolume user subpixel. The composition itself consisted of 6 layers, however only 4 layers of footage were actually used for output. The background tiled pyramid layer is horizontally mirrored with a slide effect used to create the illusion of it scrolling endlessly. The stringy, worm-like shapes acts as a track matte or “cut-out” for the wavy lined yellow tunnel that is contained within it. The glowing, dancing lines are the focal point and layered on top of the entire composite. This layer is mirrored and contains a brightness adjustment that reacts to audio. All layers have color adjustments to create a more pleasing composition.

→ Watch Resolume Tutorial on Mask Overlay technique by subpixel

Visuals used in this session:
• DOC000 Light Splatter (Freebies)
• DOC006 Worm Hole (Monomatic One)
• DOC009 Trants (Tunnel Vision)
• DOC010 Violetras (Dream Fields)

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