New Tutorial for Resolume 6: Animate 3D Text

Resolume 6 Tutorial - Animate 3D Text

We share some techniques to make your text stand out in this new Resolume tutorial for Arena and Avenue 6! Learn how to use the built-in sources and effects to create customizable text clips to use in your compositions. We’ve also included a free download of the composition used in the tutorial! 11 text clips you can use right away in your events and performances. 

→ Resolume 6 – Animate 3D Text Tutorial

Radiant Nights Now Available with Free Loop

Live Visuals / VJ Loops - Radiant Nights

Light up any stage or room with the latest visuals set from the DocOptic team! Radiant Nights is a collection of futuristic and abstract light objects and structures with dynamic animating lamps. Take your own personal light show on the road with these 25 colorful seamless loops.

We’ve released a free loop from the set for you to try out! Night Beams is a grid of rotating multicolored lamps that spin and flicker. Use this to blast bright light into any room.

→ Radiant Nights (Set)
→ Night Beams (Free VJ Loop)

Resolume 6 Training Available for Free

Official Resolume Video Training |

We recently partnered with the Resolume team to produce a new version of the “Official Resolume Training” course for Resolume Avenue and Arena 6. The great news is that the Resolume team decided to release this for FREE! We’ve created a page listing all of the videos so that you can easily view them in the order they were intended. Check out this Resolume 6 training course to learn everything there is to know about Resolume in 2-hours.

View Official Resolume 6 Training

Resgen 3 Generative Visuals for Resolume 6 Out Now

Resgen 3 Generative Visuals for Resolume |

We’re ecstatic to announce the release of Resgen 3 exclusively for Resolume 6! This set of 60 visuals consists of an entirely new batch of generative clips that you can customize and tweak live from Resolume Avenue or Arena 6. We crafted Resgen 3 from the ground up using Resolume 6’s new features and sources to guarantee full compatibility. We hope you enjoy creating new works with this set and hope your live events and projects look amazing.

→ Resgen 3 (Generative Set) for Resolume 6

Chromacurrents Visuals Now Available

Live Visuals / VJ Loops - Chromacurrents

The DocOptic team has released another new set of visuals called Chromacurrents! This pack of 12 blended VJ loops provides multicolor digital noise to dirty up LED screens and stage projections, or pixelated textures for your video art projects. We added layers of glitches and artifcats to provide a chaotic, hypontic feel for the eyes. This was fun to make and we hope you have the same fun displaying them.

→ Chromacurrents (Set)

New Resolume Tutorial: Remix Content with Alpha Channels

Resolume Tutorial - Remix Content with Alpha Channels

Get the most out of your content with alpha channels with our latest Resolume tutorial. Let us show you how to create new shapes, formations, and interesting backgrounds using loops that have transparency. If you own Shapeshifters, this can provide you with new ways to create custom loop all within Resolume.

→ Resolume – Remix Content with Alpha Channels Tutorial