CoGe Tutorial: Mask Layering Techniques

This CoGe tutorial (version 1.7+) demonstrates 3 different techniques to layer your visuals with masks or mattes. By using black and white content, we can display content through the white areas of footage with these various masking methods. The first technique involves using the Multiply blend mode to mask all layers below a black and white mask layer. The second demonstration explains how to use the “Mask with Layer” effect to select specific layers we wish to mask. The last technique shows how to create a mask overlay using an alpha channel that reveals the bottom layers only in the transparent areas while keeping masked content on top. We show how this techniques can be applied to a plain white logo to make it more visually interesting.

CoGe Tutorial: Basics & Getting Started

In this CoGe tutorial for version 1.6+ we cover the essential settings and modules, customizing a 2-layer interface for mixing live visuals, the effects chain, secondary display output, and useful tips to get started. This is a basic, yet in-depth tutorial that will get users of any skill level up and running with CoGe right away.

Users will learn and understand the important preferences, the various interface windows, ClipSynth controls and media storage, how to mix visuals using Layer Groups, using the EffectChain to add effects, how the Master Mixer works, along with other essential features such as Aligners, Maps, and displaying your Main Output to a secondary display.