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Platform(s): iOS (iPad & iPhone)

What is it?
GoVJ by Roboheadz is a universal iOS VJ app for both the iPhone and iPad. With an intuitive touch-based interface, this app gives anyone the ability to display live visuals using their iOS device. Users can load their own videos from the camera roll or copy their VJ content into the GoVJ documents folder through iTunes. Airplay your visuals wirelessly to other Apple devices or connect the Digital AV adapter to output to any HDMI or VGA display.

The intuitive touch-based interface sports a two channel mixer with various blend modes, an FX module for each channel, and support for 720p and 1080p output. There are 5 selectable decks that can hold a sizeable amount of VJ loops and clips. You can save your visual sets and loop collections as presets to load in any of the decks. Content is triggered by dragging and dropping clips to a channel slot and using the A-B fader to mix.

If you plan on using DocOptic content with GoVJ, we recommend H.264 versions of our VJ clips and loops to save space on your iOS device.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
This is a simple, mobile solution for any visual show be it large or small. The app is limited to tweaking one effect per channel, but the interactivity of the touch interface allows enough flexibility to improvise and keep visuals feeling dynamic. It’s also fitting for non-demanding shows and events that require ambiance through background visuals or marketing art. Not having to deal with a huge setup is also a plus, and using the Apple Digital AV adapter provides proper output for most situations.

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GoVJ promotional video - govj.tech

2 thoughts on “GoVJ Mobile VJ App”

  1. mrZpacely

    hello, i cannot figure out how to get my videos recognized by the app. I have converted all of my content and dragged and dropped them in itunes onto my device under movies but they will not show up in the photos/documents/govj drop down menu. Please help!

    • docoptic

      Have you tried uploading videos to the Documents folder? If you click on Apps > GoVJ you can drag and drop content there and it should be seen by the app. It’s under “File Sharing” in iTunes.

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