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Platform(s): Mac, iOS (Requires OSX 10.9+ and iOS 7+)

What is it?
Duet Display is an iOS app that let’s you use your iPad or iPhone as a high performance secondary display when connected to your Mac. Your iOS device connects to your computer via its USB cable and port.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Screen real estate is a valuable resource, especially when using modular VJ software. Duet Display can turn an iPhone or iPad into an extension of your Mac’s laptop/desktop display or act as a preview/main output monitor while mixing live visuals. Duet Display is lag free, has power saving options, and performance of up to 60 frames per second.

→ Purchase Duet Display from the App Store

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  1. Krystal Schultheiss

    I found when I tried to do this that resolume just crashes… I click advanced, then its crashed. But you seem to have no problem?

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