Resgen is a set of realtime, generative visuals created by the DocOptic team using only Resolume (Arena 4 & 5, Avenue 4) built-in sources and effects. This overview/tutorial goes over the various features and generative visuals included in the set. Also covered are some tips and techniques when using generative visuals in Resolume including creating new visuals based on Resgen clips, using and altering dashboard controls, blending layers using alpha channels, linking parameters to BPM, and a preview of the audio reactive clips included in the set.

This video explores the flexibility and customization of generative visuals inside of Resolume without the need for third-party software or plug-ins.

→ View Resgen Generative Visuals in the DocOptic Shop

Music in this tutorial by:
Mr. Carmack

5 thoughts on “Resolume Tutorial: Resgen Generative Visuals Overview”

  1. Ranya

    Hi, these are very nice and i am just begining to learn resolume. I am still a student so the $64 is very expensive for me. But very nice work. thanks, ranya

    • docoptic

      Audio FFT works with any external audio device such as a sound card, USB audio interface, microphone, etc. Once your device is connected or installed, it should be selectable in the drop down menu.

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