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Resgen Generative Visual Set for Resolume | DocOptic.com

We’re excited to announce Resgen, our first generative, realtime visuals set created with Resolume. Resgen consists of 60 generative clips built for layering and customization. Each clip is animated in realtime using the built-in effects and generators of Resolume. Custom dashboard controls provide a quick way to improvise, especially in live situations. Any parameter can be altered to create new visuals or linked to audio and BPM.

Resgen was built to allow for greater flexibility, creativity and improvisation. Generative visuals are a fun and different way to play without the need to stream footage from a hard disk. We’re excited about this one and hope you get a lot of use out of it. As always thank you to our many supporters.

→ Resgen (Generative Set)

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