Mac Application for VJs - Syphon Recorder

Platform(s): Mac OSX

What is it?
Syphon Recorder is an application to record live video output from Syphon-enabled software in realtime. Syphon is a widely supported video output Mac OSX technology by various VJ and Video DJ applications such as Resolume, VDMX, MixEmergency, Serato Video, CoGe, Madmapper, GrandVJ, and more.

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
By using Syphon Recorder, you can record the output of your VJ and Video DJ software to a hard drive along with any audio source from your Mac. Archive your live sets and remixed visuals using various codecs, framerates, and resolutions. Syphon recorded video is a great way to have high quality recordings of your visuals and even use them in a post-production environment.

→ Download Syphon Recorder Free from v002
MixEmergency (Tutorial): Record Video DJ Mixes with Syphon
Serato Video (Tutorial): Record Video DJ Mixes with Syphon

12 thoughts on “Syphon Recorder”

  1. LevezLesMains

    I am recording with serato video and siphon recorder. The video is recording good but there is no sound.

    • docoptic

      Hi, if Syphon doesn’t see your hardware as an audio interface you may want to try and use the main outs of your Serato setup and hook it up as an input into a USB audio interface. Unfortunately some users have had the same experience as you, the hardware we use is a Pioneer DDJSX and Syphon is able to use it as an audio interface. Hope that helps, if anything you may want to send the developer of Syphon Recorder an e-mail to see if they can help.

    • docoptic

      Hey there, I’ve suggested that if you can’t get Syphon to see your device you should probably route the audio into a USB interface that works on your system. I’m not sure why, but it seems that the Pioneer DDJ-SZ is not recognized as an audio interface with the software. You can also try contact the developer of Syphon Recorder to see if they can help. Wish there was more we could do!

  2. el

    I’m not able to get syphon recorder connected to my resolume output. I’m working on a time crunch and just need to be able to record hi res video output of resolume with audio. I tried using Resolume’s record function but it force stops on me after 20 seconds or so. Is there another software less confusing then syphon that can do record video/audio output for me?
    Here is what I’m doing with syphon recorder thus far…
    Inside of Resolume I go to sources, drop syphon into the workflow where all the clips are loaded…and the syphon recorder app is still blank. I feel like I’m missing some basic essential understanding to get this thing working. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • docoptic

      Hi, there is no need to drop Syphon in the workflow. All you need to do is load Resolume and under Output make sure Syphon is checked. Then, load the Syphon Recorder app, make sure the Source is Avenue or Arena. Make sure some visuals are triggered and you should be good to go. Hope that helps!

  3. Mido

    Hello There, am using syphon to record video and sound from madmapper, the video controller is great, the only problem is the sound quality is very low. because its record from the laptop mic. is there is a way to improve the sound quality? Thanks a lot

    • docoptic

      Hello, you can do a number of things to increase the sound quality. One is using Mac software to route audio to Syphon Recorder such as Sound Siphon or Loopback. Another is to use a USB audio interface and plug in the audio to that device and select it as an audio recording source. Hope this helps!


    hi im not getting a clear sound from my syphon recording with mixemergency everything is ok except the sound can you help

  5. Greetings:
    I’m recording my video & audio through Syphon. I’m using a Rane 62, Macbook Pro, and followed the instructions from the tutorials. The problem I’m having is that when I record in Rel mode, I can here the control signal through the audio. I’ve tried it with CDJ’s & Turntables, same result. How can I eliminate that control cd/vinyl sound out from my audio of the mix?

  6. Oh, i forgot to mention this also:
    If I record it in internal mode, I don’t hear it, however, when I’m using Rel Mode, I can hear the Control Vinyl or CD in the recording.

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