A website called funnyordie.com released free green screen footage of Jean-Claude Van Damme and the DocOptic team had some fun with it. We composited the footage live using VDMX with a mix of audio reactive and live triggering. For the background, effects parameters were linked to audio analysis filters to trigger on the hit sounds. We triggered the geometric visuals on each hit using mapped buttons and created a stack of effects to give them a bright laser-like quality. We used some TV and RGB shifting effects on the JCVD footage which was contained in a Media Bin set to automatically trigger using the “Next on Movie End” feature of VDMX.

Recorded with Syphon Recorder, one of our recommended VJ apps.

→ Watch VDMX Tutorial on Audio Reactive Techniques
→ Watch Resolume Tutorial on Expressive Live Triggering

Visuals used in this session:
• DOC008 Geoburst (Geoburst)
• DOC010 Unstable Wavetables (Dream Fields)

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    • docoptic

      The clips were found on reddit.com. You would have to search there because the link we used for this is now expired, sorry! Best of luck.

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