This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 will show you how to create an improvisational, expressive, live visual performance using one-shot visuals and piano mode effects. One-shots are short clips or loops that can be triggered on the fly as quick visual hits or bursts.

You will learn how to setup your composition for this performance style, map visuals to your computer keyboard or MIDI controller, and use Piano mode to toggle multiple effects on the fly along with your visuals.

The following one-shot visual loops are ready-made for Resolume and can be triggered using the techniques outlined in this tutorial:

→ Geoburst (Set of 20 Premium Visuals)
→ Geoboom (Free Set of 3 One-shot Visuals)

Intro music by Joob.

4 thoughts on “Resolume Tutorial: Expressive Live Triggering”

    • docoptic

      Thank you! These techniques are a blast to use with MIDI. It’s insanely fun blasting out one-shots when a crowd is getting hyped at a live event. Cheers!

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