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TouchOSC OSC/MIDI Controller for iOS, Android

Platform(s): iOS, Android (App), Mac/PC/Linux (Layout Editor)

What is it?
TouchOSC is a customizable MIDI/OSC controller for your iOS or Android device. With it, you can create a touch interface that will interact with any MIDI/OSC capable VJ or Video DJ software wirelessly over Wi-Fi or wired MIDI (using the developer’s free MIDI bridging software).

How does it help me as a VJ or Video DJ?
Unlike pre-configured hardware MIDI controllers, TouchOSC is a modular, fully customizable control surface for your touch-capable device. Since it is software based, you are able to create a controller tailored to your VJ and Video DJ needs. Use your personal controller with your favorite MIDI or OSC-capable VJ software.

Some of the controls you can customize and create are faders, rotary controls, buttons, toggles, x-y pads, labels, and encoders. We’ve tested and have successfully used it with VDMX and Resolume Arena & Avenue 4.

→ Purchase TouchOSC from the App Store
→ Purchase TouchOSC from the Google Play Store
→ Download the Free Layout Editor for Mac/PC/Linux from the TouchOSC website

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