This tutorial demonstrates a way to record video mixes from MixEmergency by using Syphon technology on the Mac. We show you how to setup Syphon Recorder, a free software package to capture both audio and video output from Serato and discuss all the various settings for optimal quality.

By using Syphon to record your video mixes, you have the option of choosing various codecs and output resolutions to save video that is both post-production friendly and of higher quality.

↓ Download Syphon Recorder

Music in this tutorial by:
Postmoderndisco and B.Lewis

5 thoughts on “MixEmergency Tutorial: Record Video DJ Mixes with Syphon”

  1. Frut

    Hello there Doc! Very useful tut here! I would really like however to have the windows version covered as well. I am new to the whole thing here, and my pc/equipment is limited/bad. After researching, playing with OBS,spout and other tingz, i ended up recording my resolume livejam with fraps. I cant say I loved the outcome, but i had what i wanted, a synced audiovisual preview to show to my client. Any other software you could recommend? Or maybe techniques? Or even better, ways to lose less quality when converting from the raw fraps record to an actual web-friendly size??? I ended up with a 5.3gb file, shrinked to 680mb. But quality was (more than) slightly chopped. Please gimme yo laz0r knowledge! peace x

    • docoptic

      Hey there, you can try to use Resolume’s built in recorder or perhaps you can look into a video capture device such as the Elgato and record the output of your computer to another source. I am not sure, but on the Mac if you use Quicktime Player there’s a recording feature as well. Hopefully that steers you in the right direction. Thanks for the comment!

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