3 thoughts on “Resolume Preset FX – VHS Glitch”

  1. Hello guys, first of all, thank you for all your hard work, im starting as a vj, and i really appreciate all the help you give us, the new guys who recently started to make visuals, because there is not much information on line and all the visuals world is a really big one! But how can i add this preset to resolute arena on a mac? or is only for windows users, sorry if this is a bad question, but i did this: i downloaded the file, i create a new folder on Documents, i added that folder to the FFGL plugin list on the video tab of preferences, and nothing happen. Thank you for all your support! I think there is a lot of people trying to learn, but not all of us thank you or write something all the times we see your work. Thank You!

    • docoptic

      Thank you for the kind comment! To open up this preset, simply go into the menu item Composition then click on “Open.” Locate the AVC file on your computer and it should load the stacked effects into your Layer tab. So any clip you trigger on that layer will have the effect placed on it. If you want more control you can copy the effects to the composition, a clip, or an effect clip. Hope that helps and thanks again for the feedback.

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