This Resolume Arena & Avenue 6 tutorial brings you up to speed with some of the most useful new features of this latest and greatest version of Resolume. Aside from the speed and performance improvements, you will learn how to customize the interface, use layer mask mode, create custom thumbnails, make use of the improved effects interface, animate with envelopes, utilize persistent clips, use fader start to trigger clips, display FFT gain directly on the interface, create smarter shortcuts, and learn about some other small interface tweaks to make you a more efficient VJ.

5 thoughts on “Resolume 6 Tutorial: New Workflow Features”

  1. Mask Mode … track mattes! :)

    Since your tutorial example uses a black and white clip you miss out on showing that Mask Mode is different to Multiply (or 50 Mask) layer blend modes; Mask Mode makes the whole layer monochrome (this is reflected in the thumbnails in the UI).

    • docoptic

      This is true and thanks for sharing the additional information to Resolume users. There’s so much under the hood to cover that by the time we finished the tutorial there were a few small details we wish we included such as this. :)

    • docoptic

      Hi, we would love to update Resgen for Resolume 6. Unfortunately Resolume has decided to not port over certain effects that Resgen uses. So unless they do that, we are unable to provide an update. We’ve asked them about it and are hoping that they do decide to update it one day.

  2. Ryan Sage

    With the addition of Wire, I’m curious if it’s possible to recreate the missing fx for resgen. I managed to port almost 3/4 or so from Resgen 1 to 7. Had to tweak a few but got em working for the most part. Particles seems to be the big missing one

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