Resolume Tutorial: Creating Audio Reactive Effects

This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 explains how to make effects respond to any audio source by using Resolume’s built-in Audio FFT functionality. Make visuals more compelling by adding extra motion that changes effect parameters dynamically and alters the look of any visual. Synchronize video clips to the beat without having match clips to BPM.

All Audio FFT controls are examined in depth. Additional tips and recommendations are discussed to help users breathe new life into visuals and fine tune the link between audio and video.

Resolume Tutorial: The Basics of Loading Visuals

This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 goes over the basic functionality of loading visuals and video clips using your operating system’s file system and Resolume’s built-in file browser. Also covered is an explanation of the layer workflow inside Resolume along with various slider, window, and button functionality to customize the look of your live visual output.