This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 is an overview of BPM Sync and shows you how to find BPM for any music or audio track.

The following BPM Sync techniques are covered: randomizing playback of a video clip, activating and using BeatLoopr, linking BPM Sync to effects parameters.

6 thoughts on “Resolume Tutorial: BPM Sync & Techniques”

  1. El

    I never understood how BMP SYNC is exact?! Even if the track your playing too is the same BPM as inputed in the bpm sync feature inside of resolume- you can’t start the track and push the sync button at the same exact time-therefore after a few repeated loops it’ll get off time. Hope that made sense- I’m probably missing somethin essential. Thanks in advance!

    • docoptic

      Totally understand and unfortunately it isn’t 100% accurate. It’s a manual feature that doesn’t actually lock media playback to BPM (or vice versa), but rather allows you to set a BPM clock which you can then use to animate parameters or playback clips within the range of BPM. You may want to look into SMPTE Sync instead if you’re trying to get accurate playback.

  2. El

    Thanks docoptic!:D can you point me to a good tutorial on dealing with SMPTE?
    Can my friends DJ Traktor set run SMPTE into my Resolume on a different laptop without sacrificing stereo sound?

    • docoptic

      No problem! Unfortunately, there are not any real technical SMPTE tutorials that have been created even from our team. We did work with Resolume for the Official Video Training to provide a general explanation on how SMPTE works. However, it doesn’t go in-depth as far as setting up things from both the hardware and software side.

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