This Resolume tutorial for Arena 4 & 5 and Avenue 4 goes over the basic functionality of loading visuals and video clips using your operating system’s file system and Resolume’s built-in file browser. Also covered is an explanation of the layer workflow inside Resolume along with various slider, window, and button functionality to customize the look of your live visual output.

2 thoughts on “Resolume Tutorial: The Basics of Loading Visuals”

  1. jaime

    hey guys just wondering how promising or fulfilling this could become and wanted to know if this is going to be more in demand due to certain music genres on the rise or has it reached its peak ?

    • docoptic

      Hey there, we can only speak on behalf of our experience and thus far, the demand for live visuals in performance events (live music, art, plays, etc.) has increased in demand in recent years. There are environmental factors involved depending on where you live, but it’s somewhat becoming expected as part of a “complete” show even in non-electronic music. If you notice a lack of show visuals in your area, it’s worth exposing it to enhance events and provide a unique experience for show-goers in an area where it might be lacking. Cheers!

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