This tutorial explains how the Cue Point and Auto Pilot features work in Resolume Avenue 4 and Arena 4 & 5.

You will learn how to set Cue Points, create keyboard or MIDI shortcuts to trigger Cue Points, and gain an understanding of how the interface works. Also covered is how to activate Auto Pilot mode to automate your live visual mix, the various Auto Pilot settings, and examples of how Auto Pilot works with layers and individual clips.

2 thoughts on “Resolume Tutorial: Cue Points & Auto Pilot”

  1. sourav

    Am basically in to performing arts, for me fading in an visual is the most important thing as it is been required again and again. i was trying to find out options to fade in and out my visuals in resolume. could u help me in that case.

    • docoptic

      Hello, not exactly sure what you’re trying to accomplish but have you looked into using the various transitions with the transition sliders? For a performing arts performance you may want to consider mapping clips to your keyboard or some kind of controller and triggering them that way while using one of the preset transitions.

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