CoGe adds 64-bit support with v1.7 Update

CoGe VJ Software v1.7

The team at Imimot has released a major update for their latest version of CoGe VJ software, version 1.7. CoGe now has 64-bit support in addition to a new IPC rendering engine that keeps the app running despite crashes from Quartz Composer files. This is a big step for the stability of the software and the 64-bit support is very welcome, utilizing more of your system’s RAM. Learn more at their website and download the free update today. If you’re interested in CoGe, they offer a free demo with all the features.

→ Learn more about the changes in CoGe v1.7
→ View DocOptic CoGe Tutorials

Announcing Official Resolume Training We're excited to announce the release of a long project in the works with Resolume, the first official online virtual workshop for Resolume Avenue 4 and Arena 4 & 5! This is an online video course with over 2 hours of instruction that not only goes into the technical det

We’re excited to announce the release of a long project in the works with Resolume, the first official online virtual workshop for Resolume Avenue 4 and Arena 4 & 5! This is an online video course with over 2 hours of instruction that not only goes into the technical details of how Resolume works, but artistic concepts to help you become a complete VJ.

→ Learn more at

Resolume Arena 5 Released & Avenue 4.5 Update

A quick look at the new stuff we've knocked out for Res 5.

More info and download on

Resolume just released version 5 of Arena and an update for Resolume Avenue, 4.5.
Here’s what’s new in Resolume Arena 5:

NEW – AV set and demo footage
NEW – Fixture editor
NEW – Virtual screen routing
NEW – Drag and drop output presets
NEW – Modifiers galore
NEW – Input slice rotation
NEW – Opacity and Bypass toggles on Layer Router
NEW – Preview available as source for Layer Router and Slices
NEW – Create slices and masks by drawing
NEW – Screen output delay compensation
NEW – Screen output opacity & color correction
NEW – Screen folding
NEW – Slice flipping
NEW – Slice Top & Left coordinates
NEW – Slice color correction
NEW – Slice force black background
NEW – New interface colours: Minty Pinky
NEW – Redesigned toolbar for better read- and click-ability
NEW – Windows large address aware for better memory management
NEW – 8 pixel grid on output
NEW – Improved crosshairs

Visit the Resolume blog to see all the bug fixes and more information regarding this release.

→ Resolume Arena 5 and Avenue 4.5 release notes on Resolume’s blog
→ Download Resolume Arena 5 and Avenue 4.5 Update

Together Festival VJ Competition 2015 Recap

Recap of the 2015 Together Festival VJ Competition.

Jon Bonk

Shawn Flaherty
Ian Nault
Inky Stainsworth

Visual Artists:
Levitation Theory
Clear Void
Jaeson Tek

Cosine Zero
Inky Stainsworth

Additional support
Alien TV
Middlesex Lounge
Sam Tilney

Thank you to our
sponsors and
Together Fest!

We were honored to be one of the sponsors for the Together Festival 2015 VJ Competition held in Boston, Massachusetts. Here’s a recap video of the event. Congratulations to all the participants and the finalists!

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May 20th, 2015

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May 13th, 2015

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Resolume DXV 3 Upgrade Guide

The good folks at Resolume posted an upgrade guide which outlines in detail the advantages of DXV 3 over DXV 2 along with reasons why it would be worth converting files to the new format. We are still considering whether or not we should convert the source material of all our releases over to DXV 3 for Resolume users.

Since we value the balance of quality and smaller file sizes, we choose to use “Normal Quality” for all our VJ clips and loops. According to the article, even DXV 2 files benefit from the performance gains in Resolume 4.2. So the only benefit to you would be smaller files. Moving forward, DXV 3 will be a standard option for all future releases.

From the article:

DXV3.0 has 3 benefits: it’s faster at high resolutions, files are generally smaller and it has a high quality option.

In general, we don’t recommend re-encoding your entire library. Your old DXV2 files will play fine in Resolume 4.2, and you still get all the benefits of improved smoothness and bug fixes.

→ DXV 3 Upgrade Guide on

We would love your input. Are most of you running the latest version of Resolume 4.2? Would you like previous releases re-encoded to DXV 3 for smaller file sizes? Please share your thoughts!

Many thanks,
The DocOptic Team