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The good folks at Resolume posted an upgrade guide which outlines in detail the advantages of DXV 3 over DXV 2 along with reasons why it would be worth converting files to the new format. We are still considering whether or not we should convert the source material of all our releases over to DXV 3 for Resolume users.

Since we value the balance of quality and smaller file sizes, we choose to use “Normal Quality” for all our VJ clips and loops. According to the article, even DXV 2 files benefit from the performance gains in Resolume 4.2. So the only benefit to you would be smaller files. Moving forward, DXV 3 will be a standard option for all future releases.

From the article:

DXV3.0 has 3 benefits: it’s faster at high resolutions, files are generally smaller and it has a high quality option.

In general, we don’t recommend re-encoding your entire library. Your old DXV2 files will play fine in Resolume 4.2, and you still get all the benefits of improved smoothness and bug fixes.

→ DXV 3 Upgrade Guide on Resolume.com

We would love your input. Are most of you running the latest version of Resolume 4.2? Would you like previous releases re-encoded to DXV 3 for smaller file sizes? Please share your thoughts!

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