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Resolume just released version 5 of Arena and an update for Resolume Avenue, 4.5.
Here’s what’s new in Resolume Arena 5:

NEW – AV set and demo footage
NEW – Fixture editor
NEW – Virtual screen routing
NEW – Drag and drop output presets
NEW – Modifiers galore
NEW – Input slice rotation
NEW – Opacity and Bypass toggles on Layer Router
NEW – Preview available as source for Layer Router and Slices
NEW – Create slices and masks by drawing
NEW – Screen output delay compensation
NEW – Screen output opacity & color correction
NEW – Screen folding
NEW – Slice flipping
NEW – Slice Top & Left coordinates
NEW – Slice color correction
NEW – Slice force black background
NEW – New interface colours: Minty Pinky
NEW – Redesigned toolbar for better read- and click-ability
NEW – Windows large address aware for better memory management
NEW – 8 pixel grid on output
NEW – Improved crosshairs

Visit the Resolume blog to see all the bug fixes and more information regarding this release.

→ Resolume Arena 5 and Avenue 4.5 release notes on Resolume’s blog
→ Download Resolume Arena 5 and Avenue 4.5 Update

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