Resolume 6 Tutorial: Generative Content

This tutorial is an overview of generative content in Resolume. Explained are how to use the various built-in sources and generators, specifically Line Scape and Checkerboard, to create your own visuals inside of Resolume. We show how adding effects can result in unique looks and we preview some of the generative work made by the DocOptic team.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Positive & Negative Space

This tutorial is an overview into using positive and negative space to create balanced Resolume compositions. We demonstrate how to use various effects (Vignette, Slide, Stripper) to create elements that separate the various content, essentially creating visual space for footage to mix better. By using layer opacity and transform properties, we are able to create balance and avoid sensory overload.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Symmetry

This tutorial explains how to create symmetry in Resolume for more visually interesting compositions. Some of the effects demonstrated are Mirror, Flip, and Mirror Quad. We show how these effects work and the various parameters available to make content symmetrical.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Transformation

In this tutorial we demonstrate creative uses for transform properties in Resolume. We show you how to create framing elements and resize content for a visually pleasing composition by using position, scale, and rotate.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Basic Layered Composition

This tutorial explains how to set up a layered composition in Resolume that is both balanced and aesthetically pleasing. We demonstrate how to use various content on three layers: a background layer, a middle layer as a texture overlay, and a top layer for objects and elements. We produce a balanced composition that blends well while providing best practices that can be applied on any composition.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Blending

This tutorial goes over how blend modes work in Resolume. Explained are some commonly used blend modes such as Add, Lighten, Multiply, Alpha, 50add, and 50mask. We demonstrate how blend modes interact between layers, ways to blend content, and how to change blending modes on a layer.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Layer Structure

This tutorial explains how layers work in Resolume. We go over how layer order affects a composition and demonstrate the various buttons on the Resolume interface to control the output of a layer.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Alignment

This tutorial explains how to use transform properties in Resolume to create better looking compositions. We go over how to scale, rotate, position, and adjust footage on a per-pixel level using Resolume’s built-in tools.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Composition

This tutorial explains the various ways to resize content in Resolume. We explain how to fill, stretch, and fit content to match the composition size or resolution. Also demonstrated are ways to manually resize clips and keep the aspect ratio of all content when adjusting size.

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