This tutorial goes over how blend modes work in Resolume. Explained are some commonly used blend modes such as Add, Lighten, Multiply, Alpha, 50add, and 50mask. We demonstrate how blend modes interact between layers, ways to blend content, and how to change blending modes on a layer.

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3 thoughts on “Resolume 6 Tutorial: Blending”

  1. emma otero

    This has nothing to do with anything being taught in this video but I happened to try downloading some of your DXV 1080p free videos (Streaksphere, Flo Bay, Octagonix, Sphyramids) and was not having any luck. Any ideas as to why the files can’t be found? Looking for that or some links to updated videos. Thank you!

    • docoptic

      Hi, what errors are you receiving? After adding the free content to your cart and completing checkout, you should receive links to the files sent to your e-mail address. Can you please provide more information so we can help you get the free content? Thank you, DocOptic Team.

  2. Luisa Silva

    hey emma, i had the same issue I guess, it’s because it isn’t very intuitive, but you’ve got to click on the files to start downloading them. Click in one once at a time as they are a little heavy :)

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