Resolume 6 Tutorial: Keeping Overview

This tutorial explains how to use Dashboard controls in Resolume. By assigning our favorite or commonly used effects to dashboard controls, we can have easy access to effects or parameters on a clip, layer, or composition basis. We demonstrate how to setup default values to dashboard controls and how to assign more than one parameter on a control.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Show Specific Preparation

This tutorial explains how to prepare a composition for a live show using Resolume. We discuss the logistics of a live event for multiple performers and how to use layers to efficiently run a show. We demonstrate how a setup with show-specific content and live inputs can be made flexible using the Resolume feature called “Persistent” clips. Lastly, we show how to use the master composition we created in our previous tutorial to load themed content on demand.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Organizing Content

This tutorial demonstrates how to organize content in Resolume using a master composition that provides easy access to your footage. We show how to categorize clips based on themes in separate decks that can be loaded directly in the Resolume interface. Also discussed is how to mix and match content from different styles to form a new themed deck.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Preparing a Composition

This tutorial explains how to prepare a composition for a live show using Resolume. We set up 3 compositions for three different output options: standard definition 4:3, high definition 16:9, and dual-screen HD. We explain the different resizing options in Resolume along with how to deal with varying sizes of content to conform to different screen resolutions.

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