Resolume 6 Tutorial: Shortcut Examples

This tutorial shows practical uses for keyboard and MIDI shortcuts in Resolume. Using the Akai APC 40 MKII and computer keyboard, we go over our favorite shortcuts for both devices for a live performance environment. We show how both keyboard and MIDI controller can be used together effectively, what Resolume interface elements are worth assigning shortcuts to along with hands-on examples to increase your efficiency.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Show Synchronization via SMPTE

This video is an overview of how to synchronize SMPTE timecode to Resolume. We go over the general concepts behind synchronizing audio and music to Resolume for a live show using SMPTE timecode. Since SMPTE synchronization is not an automatic process, we outline the steps needed from pre-production to live performance to ensure that VJ, audio/video crew, and performers are all in sync.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: OSC Controllers

This tutorial demonstrates how to create an OSC controller for Resolume using TouchOSC software and a tablet. With OSC we can create a custom interface on a device such as an iPad that works wirelessly with Resolume. We demonstrate how to setup network settings, how OSC addresses work to link our controller with Resolume, and how to use the TouchOSC software on your computer and the app on your tablet.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: MIDI Button States

This tutorial explains how MIDI button states work in Resolume and how to change the colors on a MIDI controller. We discuss how to choose colors in Resolume to reflect the state of a button on a MIDI device. We also show the varying states and functions of the Resolume interface, how to make a button flash, and how a physical controller inherits the states.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: MIDI Controllers

This tutorial demonstrates how to use MIDI shortcuts in Resolume. Using the Akai APC40 MKII, we show how to assign clip triggers, faders, and buttons on the MIDI controller to correspond with the Resolume interface. We also go over the different Target modes: By Position, This Clip, and Selected Layer. Lastly, we show how the shortcuts panel works along with how to save MIDI shortcuts presets.

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