Resolume 6 Tutorial: Resolution

This tutorial is an overview of how resolution works in Resolume. We go over how to change the resolution of your composition and how the various composition settings work.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Output

This tutorial explains how to display your Resolume output to an external display such as an HDTV, monitor, or projector. We go over the methods to extend your display on Mac and PC to produce a fullscreen main output to any display type.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Apply an Effect

In this tutorial we demonstrate how effects in Resolume work. We show how effects can be applied to a clip, layer, or composition. Learn how to search, preview, and stack effects. Lastly, we explain how you can save an effects preset to recall any changes you’ve made to an effect.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Layer Opacity & Ejecting a Clip

This Resolume tutorial explains how layer opacity works in addition to clearing or ejecting a clip from your composition.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Triggering a Clip

This Resolume tutorial explains how clips are activated and displayed to the main output. We also go over how to preview clips so that you can view content prior to triggering a clip to the main output. Lastly, we show you various ways to configure the preview monitor and output monitor in the Resolume interface.

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Resolume 6 Tutorial: Loading Content

In this tutorial we go over how to load content in Resolume from the files tab inside of Resolume and from the file browser of your operating system. We also discuss the various ways to preview content along with tips to load multiple files at once.

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