Bundle of Generative VJ Loops for Resolume - Resgen Kit (HD)

The Resgen Kit is a bundle of Resgen and Resgen 2, two sets of 120 total realtime, generative visuals for Resolume Arena 4, 5 & Avenue 4. Every clip is customizable, parameters can be tweaked live and new looks can be created with simple controls right inside of Resolume Avenue and Arena. Resgen was built with VJs and live visual artists in mind, to provide building blocks for the creation of new content and an easy way to be creative in a live setting.

Included are 90 endlessly animating textures, objects, and shapes in addition to 30 audio reactive variations that respond to music and sound using Resolume’s Audio FFT feature. A variety of styles were crafted to fit any scenario from slow and moody, to upbeat and intense.

Every effect and parameter is available for customization since all clips were created inside of Resolume. Tweak parameters live and improvise in the heat of the moment or develop your own content using Resgen clips as a starting point. Barely any hard drive space is needed, the entire kit is contained in small Resolume composition files that works in both Arena and Avenue.

Resgen makes it easy to be creative and opens up many possibilities for your live visuals.

→ View the Resgen Overview Video

→ View Resgen 3 for a set of 60 generative clips for Resolume 6.

User testimonials:

“Bought this the moment it dropped. So much gold in this pack.” –Pressure Suit
“Used Resgen for the first time tonight. This changes everything.” –D-Squared
“This is a wonderful idea to put these out and hope it’s just the beginning.” –VJCJ
“I’m having so much fun with your Resgen pack at the club right now.” –Brandon Littell

Visual Sets Included

  • DOCG01 Resgen (60 generative clips for Resolume 4 & 5)
  • DOCG01 Resgen 2 (60 generative clips for Resolume 4 & 5)


  • Dashboard controls for quick live adjustments
  • Alpha channels on most clips
  • Link any parameter to BPM
  • Make any parameter audio reactive
  • Fully customizable
  • Includes thumbnail reference image
  • No plug-ins or third-party software required
  • Extremely lightweight filesize, less than 6MB needed

Clip Specifications

  • 90 generative clips
  • 30 audio reactive clips
  • Seamless realtime animations
  • 1280×720 (720p) and 1920×1080 (1080p) compositions

Instantly download this bundle of both 720p and 1080p Resolume compositions. View the FAQ for information regarding screen resolution and performance.

Note: Not compatible with Resolume 6+, some legacy effects no longer exist. Resgen Kit has been tested with the following versions of Resolume: Avenue 4.6+, Arena 4.2+, Arena 5.0+ on Mac and PC (Windows 10). We can only provide support for these versions. We do not recommend Resgen for PC and Mac users with integrated Intel graphics, a dedicated GPU (AMD or NVIDIA) that supports OpenGL is required for Resgen clips to work properly.

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