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These live visuals were composed of 3 separate layers. The 3D pyramid layer serves as an animated backdrop that provides constant movement in the composition. Its color has been shifted using Hue effects. The stringy light particles were added (using the Add blend mode) on top with its brightness/levels parameter linked to the low frequencies of the audio. The image is mirrored vertically using a Lighten blend mode to make it appear as if it was duplicated rather then blended. The abstract flower visual has a shifted Hue to blend with the other visuals in the compositions and vertically mirrored with the Lighten blend mode as well.

To better flow with the music, preset audio reactive effects were triggered on cue to change the mood of the composition on the fly. You can see how this technique was used in Resolume by viewing this tutorial.

Visuals used in this session:
• DOC007 Hyper Shrub (Cosmic Garden)
• DOC000 Light Splatter (Freebies)
• DOC010 Violetras (Dream Fields)

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