What are Live Visuals? | DocOptic.com

Based on modern audio-visual performance techniques, we consider live visuals a public display of film & video content, animations, realtime generative graphics, cameras, analog equipment, or still photography mixed and selected live by a video operator or VJ/Video DJ. Imagery from a source such as a computer equipped with video mixing or VJ software is manipulated, blended, and sent to outputs that range from HD monitors to arena-capable projectors or LED structures.

Live visuals can be generated privately for personal enjoyment, post-produced for internet streaming video services, and in many cases displayed live to an audience or as a public art project. Music performances can impact an audience with dynamic visuals synchronized to audio. Institutions ranging from schools, places of worship, and theater houses can employ live visuals whether an abstract background is used to create an emotional response, or a set piece is needed for actors and dancers.

The definition of “live visuals” evolves as new technology is realized, which is why the medium appeals to all walks of life. The DocOptic team is here to help you begin or enhance your journey.