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CutMod released a free VDMX plugin that allows you to modulate parameters in a “Socket Wrench” motion.

According to Cutmod: “Rising input values are added to the running total. The original idea was that the audio peak level could bump the playhead of a video clip forward in time as audio increased in amplitude without scrubbing backward with the tail of every peak.”

→ Visit the VIDVOX forums to download

6 thoughts on “VDMX Plugin – Ratchet”

  1. cant get ratchet to show up in the plugins pulldown
    and have it installed in: HD>library>graphics>Quartz Composer Plug-Ins

    also tried and have it installed in: HD>library>graphics>Quartz Composer Patches

    plugin is bad ass but cant get it work, would love to rock it at some upcomming festivals.

    im running OSX 10.8.5 is that an issue?

    • docoptic

      It could quite possibly be the OS you are on. Quartz has definitely not been stable for all users and even Apple themselves have not been fully supporting it as of late.

    • Team DocOptic

      So sorry, it looks like VIDVOX took down the post. You might want to ask the creator of the YouTube video about where you can download this. We’ll ask him as well and see what we can do.

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