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Hive8 has created two plugins for OSX that allow you to clone your footage in any VJ software package that supports FFGL plugins. The first is the Hive8 Cloner. This is a basic cloner that creates multiple copies of your footage and allows you to adjust the X and Y position of clones in addition to offsetting them or distributing them in various configurations.

The second plugin is a Ring Cloner which performs the same functions as the first Hive8 Cloner but has the additional feature of rotating them in a circular formation. You can change the radius, rotation, and adjust the configuration of the clones using additional parameters. This works great with footage such as objects that have an alpha channel. Animate these paramters to create dynamic, interesting looks for your visuals.

These FFGL plugins are compatible with Resolume 4 & 5, VDMX, and other VJ software packages that support the format.

↓ Download Hive8 FFGL Cloner Plugins for macOS

7 thoughts on “FFGL Plugins – Hive8 Cloners (macOS)”

  1. HI guys,

    and thank you for the super content

    Do you know where can i get the cloner plugin for windows. As the homepage is out of order.
    Have the OSX verstion but i am now on a Win10.

    Thank you.


    • docoptic

      Hi and thanks for the comment. You would have to track down the developer, from last contact with them they had plans to release a Windows version, however no timetable was made.

    • docoptic

      We’ve only tested this plugin in Resolume 4 & 5. Since Resolume 6 is entirely new 64-bit code it probably no longer works, sorry :(.

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